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Tasha K Only Has $1,083 In Bank Account To Pay Cardi B, Withdraws It



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Tasha K Withdraws Her Alleged Last $1,083 After Report Claims That's All She Had In Bank Account

Tasha K Withdraws Her Alleged Last $1,083 After Report Claims That’s All She Had In Bank Account

Cardi B may have to wait a long time before she collects on the $4 million a court awarded against blogger Tasha K.

According to a new report, Cardi’s lawyers went to seize Tasha’s accounts – and noticed that there was only about $1,000 in it.

The report reaching us at Dreddsworld claims that Cardi B’s legal team has started the process of seizing Tasha K‘s assets in the state of Georgia to collect on the $4 million debt. But when they got access to Tasha’s accounts, the YouTube blogger only had $1,083 in her bank accounts.

Tasha K lost her lawsuit against the rap superstar back in January and was ordered to pay $4 million to Cardi for making false claims about her. Following the verdict, the UnWineWithTashaK host made it clear that she doesn’t have the money to pay up, and filed an appeal.

Last week there was rampant speculation that Tasha may have transferred all of her accounts to an African bank – which Cardi’s legal team would be unable to access.

But shortly after those rumors began Tasha tried to put them to rest. The vlogger hopped on Instagram to clear up rumors, explaining that she had not moved her family and her assets to Africa, she was merely learning about the continent while on vacation.

She told her viewers that she would share a vlog of her “new life” in Africa and dropped the first episode documenting her journey a week ago.

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