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Kanye West Reveals His Mother Was Sacrificed & So Were Many Others



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Kanye West Says He Can't Be Controlled Like Other Celebrities

Kanye West Says He Can’t Be Controlled Like Other Celebrities

Kanye West just made one of the most startling admissions in the history of celebrity news. According to the hip hop superstar, his mother Donda West was “sacrificed.”

Conspiracy theorists on social media have long been saying that in order for celebrities to make it big, someone close to them has to be “sacrificed” – or killed.

Those same people have speculated for years that Kanye’s mother’s death, which occurred just before the rapper grew into the superstar he is now – was one of those sacrifices.


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Yesterday, when talking to the paparazzi, Ye appeared to confirm their beliefs. In a shocking interview, Ye explained that he can “no longer be controlled.”

Then Kanye dropped a bombshell. Ye explained, “My momma ain’t here. My momma was sacrificed. You understand.” Then Ye claimed that other celebrities had to face the same sacrifice. He continued, “Michael Jordan, what about him … his daddy.”

Michael Jordan’s father was killed after MJ won his third NBA championship, at the time Michael was seen as a Top 10 NBA player. After his death. Michael won three more NBA championships, and three Finals MVP tiles, and became recognized as the greatest basketball player in history.

Ye had more tea to spill. He added, “Bill Cosby his son. Dr Dre, his son.” Well both Bill Cosby and Dr Dre became billionaires after their sons were murdered.

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