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Stunna Girl Beats Up Tommie, Rips Off Her Weave During Fight – Video



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Stunna Girl Beats Up Tommie Lee During Fight In Viral Video

Yesterday it went down. Reality TV personality Stunna Girl got into a fist fight with her rival, Tommie Lee from Love & Hip Hop – and it was epic.

Stunna Girl is a digital media influencer turned hip hop personality with notable singles called “Real Rap” and “On the Record,” the latter of which was published to the YouTube channel Proxclusiv M.

Stunna and Tommie were filming a new reality show for the Zeus network – and the two ladies got into a heated argument, that quickly turned violent.

According to reports reaching us at Dreddsworld, things went left, when Stunna reportedly called Tommie – a grandmother – a “wrinkly old th*t.” Tommie reportedly flew into a rage, and attacked the young rapper.

Unfortunately for Tommie, she wasn’t prepared for what happened next. We confirmed that Stunna Girl put them paws on Tommie – ripping off her hair and her outfit.

And we got video footage of Tommie, after the fight. The beautiful Love & Hip Hop star was stripped of everything including her weave. Tommie doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it all though.

Here’s video of the aftermath – with Stunna’s friend showing off the spoils of battle. In the video, she’s holding a piece of Tommie’s wig, and can be heard saying, “Tommie come get your wig back.”

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