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Brazilian Rapper Anitta Performs Fellatio On Male Dancer Mid Video Shoot



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Brazilian Female Rapper Anitta Gives Male Dancer Head During Video Shoot

Brazilian Female Rapper Anitta Gives Male Dancer Head During Music Video Shoot

The female rap industry has taken a turn in recent years – to the salacious side. Now a new music video, for one of the most popular female rappers in the world, Anitta, is set to take female rap deeper down a dark path.

Anitta was in Brazil filming a new music video, with a group of men. Anitta raps about female empowerment, and her lyrics are extremely s**ual and graphic in nature.

The female rapper is filming her latest video inside the favelas, or slums, of Brazil. And one person claims to hav pulled out their phone and video’d what appears to be Anitta performing an act on one o the men in the video.


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The graphic video I causing folks all across the music industry to begin wondering out loud, is this the future of female hip hop?

Two of female hip hop’s biggest stars, Cardi B and Iggy Azalea have both joined OF. And while Cardi only posts bikini pictures, Iggy is posting extremely graphic pictures of herself on the platform.

Both women have said that hey plan to release music videos – which are very graphic in nature – on the adult platform in the future.

For those interested, this is Anitta:

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