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Gabrielle Union Shows Her Hair Loss In New Pics: ‘Headband Of Baldness’



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Gabrielle Union Reveals She's Suffering Hair Loss

Gabrielle Union Reveals She’s Suffering Hair Loss

Two years ago, Gabrielle Union opened up with her fans about the hair loss that she suffered from multiple IVF treatments.

While the treatments were successful, and lead to her eventually welcoming daughter Kaavia into the world – the hair loss appears to be permanent.

Yesterday, Gabrielle posted a series of images, one of which showed the extent of her hair loss. Gabrielle calls her hair loss a “headband of baldness.”


Gabrielle spoke about her hair loss in 2020 – with an intimate group of beauty editors during a virtual meeting. She told them, “After multiple rounds of IVF, it had left like a headband of baldness.”

“And after every IVF round, about a dime-sized bald spot would open up on some part of my head. Over time those bald spots started to connect like friends, like ‘Hey, girl!’ It just formed a headband right in the front of my head and around my crown.”

She explained, “They were just like ‘Wear wigs or get a weave. Who’s going to notice?’ Uhh, everyone!” Gabrielle added, “There’s so much shame and humiliation surrounding hair loss.”

“It was awful to try and sell a brand that I was proud of at the time, but not able to share with people my truth. I’m pretty transparent to a default some would say.”

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