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Kim Kardashian Now Dating Meek Mill – Receipts



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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Now Dating Meek Mill

There are rumors swirling around that Kim Kardashian has a new rapper boyfriend – hip hop superstar Meek Mill. People close to the Kardashians think the rumor could be true

Recall, Kanye West accused Kim of having an affair with Meek, during their marriage. Meek and Kim worked closely on a criminal justice reform project, and the two became close friends.

Before the end of Kim and Ye’s marriage, Kanye blacked out in one of his most memorable social media rants – and accused the two of having an affair. At the time, both Kim and Meek denied the affair. And up until now, we had no evidence that their relationship was anything but platonic.


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But things have changed. Insiders reached out to Dreddsworld that Meek and Kim’s relationship may have turned romantic. One music executive told us that “Kim and Meek have been in contact. I was with him [last week] and he was texting her. I don’t know what it was about but he was acting like it was personal.“

Another entertainment insider told us that Kim and Meek are both scheduled to attend a number of high profile events – and she speculates that they’ll be going together. The insider explained, “Kim and Meek are both booked for the Super Bowl, and both will be attending the Oscars after party.”

While the insider could not say whether the two will be attending “as a couple,” the insider explained, “Meek typically doesn’t go to the Oscars – but Kim’s team made it possible for him to attend.”

Kim Kardashian took an unexpected trip on her private jet yesterday to Philadelphia. We managed to track down her jet, which is being called Kim Air and owned by her LLC Noel Air. And we confirmed that it flew on an unspecified trip from New York City to Philadelphia yesterday.


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Just so you know, Meek is currently in Philadelphia.

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