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Latto & Ice Spice Are Beefing, Dissing Each Other On Songs



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Ice Spice And Latto Firing Shots At Each Other

Ice Spice And Latto Firing Shots At Each Other

Just when Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s beef is cooling down, there’s a new female rap beef – between New York rapper Ice Spice and Atlanta rapper Latto, according to new reports reaching us at Dreddsworld.

The beef between the two light skinned rappers started off a few months back, and it quickly ratcheted and is now a full on war.

This time last year, Latto & Ice Spice used to follow each other – and were on friendly terms with each other. Then in June, Latto got into a back and forth war of words with Nicki Minaj. Female rappers began taking sides in the beef, and Ice Spice appeared to back Nicki in the drama.


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At the time, one of Ice Spice’s friends – a New York girl named Cleopatra – made a video suggesting that the “new” rap girls were constantly disrespecting their elders. Latto took offense, and unfollowed Ice Spice and the slid into Ice Spice’s dms to argue with her.

After that DM back and forth, Latto commented to one of Ice Spice’s stories asking, “is theres a problem.”

Now fast forward to this week. Latto released a new track ‘The Biggest’, where she dropped the bar, “Play both sides get unfollowed.” Fans believe this was a subliminal shot at Ice Spice.

Yesterday Ice Spice responded to Latto’s subliminal, and she dropped her own track, where she seemingly dissed Latto. in her song “Princess Diana” she allegedly throws shade at Latto.

Check it out below: