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Andrew Tate’s 5th Appeal For Release Denied By A Romanian Judge



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Andrew Tate’s Appeal Against A 30-day Extension Of His Detention In Romania Has Been Denied By A Court

Social media influencer Andrew Tate’s newest bid to be released from custody has been denied by a Romanian judge, with the controversial influencer remaining locked up until the end of March.

Back in 2022, Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, were detained by Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group. Their compound, vehicles, and other assets were seized, and two females were also arrested.

Since then, as DIICOT’s investigation has continued, the controversial pair have remained detained in custody amid numerous appeals to be released early.

Their last appeal, which came on February 27, was also denied before reports claimed Andrew was undergoing health problems but he denied having been “rushed” to hospital. He was granted another hearing on March 14, and that has since been denied.

According to reports reaching us at Dreddsworld from Romania, the Tates were granted separate appeals to, once again, be released early, with Andrew’s coming on March 14 and Tristan’s on March 15.

Andrew’s has since been rejected by a judge, with the controversial personality remaining detained until March 29 at the earliest. Though, he has until March 16 to appeal.

“The court rejects the request to replace the measure of preventive arrest with the measure of judicial control on bail formulated by the defendant TEA as inadmissible in principle. With the right of appeal within 48 hours of communication,” a judge told the Romanian outlet Libertatea.

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