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Kevin Gates Exposed & Accused Of Sleeping With A Transgender Model



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Kevin Gates Allegedly Slept With A Transgender Model

Kevin Gates Allegedly Slept With A Transgender Model

Kevin Gates is no stranger to being in the news for controversial reasons. From Interview clips, dance breaks to song snippets, the 37 year old often finds himself at the center of a trending topic.

Again, Kevin Gates is currently in the news after being exposed and accused of sleeping with a transgender model.

The revelation was made during a recent podcast that has since gone viral on social media. The woman recounts their encounter and fans don’t know exactly how to react.

“I wanna call bullshit but when you have track record of doing things like fkn your cousin and gladly eating b** ty. One has to wonder where you draw the line,” someone commented.

“I don’t get the expose part of it bc if you want to be equal why weaponize it. Like are you a woman or not,” another person wrote.

Amidst controversies, Kevin Gates revealed earlier this month that he creates music on his terms, unphased by how the internet will react. “I follow my heart and when you follow your heart you always win,” the rapper disclosed.

“To be honest, I believe in living in my truth and by living in my truth, whatever you decide to make a sound byte that’s on you, I don’t even really pay attention to it. That’s not my mission statement. My focus is to just be a blessing to the people. That’s been a blessing to me.”

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