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Marjorie Harvey’s Ex-Husband Jim Townsend Tells All In New Book ‘Snakes In The Grass’



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Marjorie Harvey's Ex-Husband, Lori Harvey's Real Father & Former KingPin Jimmy L. Townsend Speaks

Marjorie Harvey’s Ex-Husband, Lori Harvey’s Real Father & Former KingPin Jimmy L. Townsend Speaks

Marjorie Harvey has been married three times. Her first marriage was to Jim Townsend, with whom she had two children. Her second marriage was to Darnell Woods, a distant cousin of Jim’s, with whom she had one child, Lori.

Her third and current husband is Steve Harvey, whom she married in 2007. Both of Marjorie’s first two husbands were sent to jail for narcotics.

Yesterday, blogger Tasha K sat down with Marjorie’s first husband – and he had a lot to tell. Jim Townsend recently made headlines after reportedly writing a tell-all memoir about his marriage to Marjorie Harvey in the 1990s, entitled Snakes In The Grass.

Jim decided to speak out about his relationship with Harvey, claiming that he has “no allegiance” to her. “I wrote two-thirds of the book in prison,” the former drug sealer explained. “she showed her hand, I’m going … to tell my story. It doesn’t matter if she knows about it.”

Harvey and Townsend were married in the 1990s and had two children together. However, their marriage was allegedly plagued by Jim’s involvement in illegal activities which ultimately led to his arrest and imprisonment. Marjorie was reportedly under investigation by the FBI during their marriage, with investigators labeling Townsend as a ‘drug lord’.

Although Marjorie was never charged with a drug crime, her association with Townsend brought unwanted attention to her. Jim Townsend was eventually caught in an undercover sting operation and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992 for “conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute” an illegal substance. However, in January 2017, former President Barack Obama pardoned Jim – after Marjorie and Steve lobbied the US president.

And even after getting him out of jail, he decides to “snitch”. In the interview, Jim doesn’t say much – but he does explain his animosity towards Steve. It stems, according to Jim, from Steve allegedly calling him a “punk ass” to Jim’s eldest son, who was raised by Steve,

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