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A$AP Rocky Defends Pregnant Rihanna After Fight Broke Out At Nightclub



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9 Months Pregnant Rihanna Nearly Injured After Brawl Breaks Out At A Nightclub

Rihanna is 9 months pregnant, but that hasn’t kept the beautiful pop singer out of the clubs. Unfortunately two nights ago, she was nearly injured while partying – when a fight broke out.

Rihanna was with her babys father A$AP Rocky inside a Tokyo nightclub, when a fight broke out – just a few feet from her.

Luckily for everyone, Rihanna was not injured, but she very well could have been. In the below video, you see Rihanna in the club listening to music and bobbing her head, when all of a sudden, a scuffle breaks out, right behind her.

There was no video of the actual fight, but according to reports reaching us at Dreddsworld, the commotion pushed Rihanna a few feet, and nearly injured her and her unborn child.

After security managed to get everything under control, A$AP took the microphone and told the crowd not to fight near his pregnant babys mama.

However, neither Rihanna nor A$AP left the club after the violent incident. Video from the club has since gone viral on social media, garnering lots of reactions from folks online.

“WHY TF ARE YOU IN A NIGHTCLUB AT 9mos PREGNANT?!!! That’s the question!! This could’ve been easily avoided,” someone commented. “If she’s pregnant why is she at a club? Stay your dumb as home and go to bed,” another person wrote.

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