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Rollie Pollie From Baddies West Faces Backlash For Getting A BBL – Before & After Pics



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Rollie Pollie Gets Dragged Online After Getting A BBL Surgery

Rollie Pollie from the reality show Baddies West just had body changing surgery. According to her social media accounts, the reality starlet recently underwent BBL surgery.

The reality star, who is best known for starring in season 1 of One Mo Chance and season 2 of Baddies South, was born with the name is Gia Mayham.

Her Instagram account rolliepolliesm_ has gained over 360,000 followers. She’s known for her high energy, and curvy shape. Rollie decided to go under the knife at a popular Miami surgical center to have liters of fat sucked from her stomach, and injected into her backside.


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According to her doctors, the surgery was a success.

Unfortunately for Rollie, folks on Twitter aren’t quite as impressed with the results. One Twitter troll exclaimed in her comments, “She’s still shaped like a poop emoji.”

“Rollie Pollie Snack Mealz should not be getting a BBL with a bmi of 52. Omg. That’s an irresponsible ass surgeon fr. This is high risk. BBL is already a highly dangerous cosmetic procedure. That dr needs their license revoked,” someone tweeted.

“It’s no way around it Rollie you HAVE to go to the gym or become more active. Start by walking for 10 minutes and up it to 30 and so on until u can run. It’s free because this was costly,deadly and pointless!!!” another person wrote.

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