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DJ Khaled Tries Surfing But Ends Up Wiping Out



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DJ Khaled Wipes Out After Trying Surfing In Viral Video

DJ Khaled Wipes Out After Trying Surfing In Viral Video

DJ Khaled often gets himself involved in numerous activities like golfing, jet-skis, and all sorts of recreational stuffs in his chosen home of Miami, Florida.

The iconic Disc Jockey recently tried surfing and it ended up pretty bad.

Captioning the clip, DJ Khaled wrote: “ALL CATEGORIES LETS GO 🏄‍♂️ ITS OK TO BE HAPPY !”


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The video shows Khaled cruising along on his knees on an electric hydrofoil surfboard, in what appears to be some sort of Miami inlet.

Then, he tries to stand up. Unfortunately to say, it doesn’t go as planned. As it happens with a lot of beginners, the foil bucks like bronco, Khaled loses his balance, and he falls on the board.

And it turns out that Khaled was injured from the wipeout.

The video has since gone viral on social media, garnering mixed reactions from fans. “He just be living and having fun,” someone commented.

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