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Sheree Whitfield Claims She & Martell Holt Are Still Friends



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Sheree Whitfield: “Martell And I Are Still Friends"

Sheree Whitfield: “Martell And I Are Still Friends”

Sheree Whitfield is still keeping things between her and Martell Holt quiet and during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she spoke about the status of their relationship.

“Martell and I are still friends, absolutely,” Sheree Whitfield said.

“He was actually gonna come here, but they’re taping right now. We’ve always been friends,” she added, before explaining why she was so upset with Kenya Moore for bringing up a DM he sent her years ago.

“He felt really bad because I didn’t think me bringing him into the fold, any of that would happen because she was constantly asking, ‘How’s Martell?’ or, ‘How you guys are doing?’ and she never once said anything about a DM,” Sheree explained.

Sheree also weighed in on Marlo Hampton trying to drag Kandi Burruss over the death of her cousin. Marlo’s nephew used to work for Kandi.

“I was a little confused because when she first brought it up, I thought she was saying that it happened at Kandi’s restaurant. But it didn’t. It happened years ago,” Sheree commented.

“And I didn’t know about it at the time so I don’t think that, when she explained to me what her issue was, it was more of a character flaw, where she felt like Kandi should’ve reached out and did more.”

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