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Tupac’s Father Billy Garland Says He’s Not A Fan Of His Son’s Song ‘Dear Mama’ Or His Hulu Docuseries



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Billy Garland Says He's Not A Fan Of His Son Tupac's Song 'Dear Mama' Or His Hulu Docuseries

Billy Garland Says He’s Not A Fan Of His Son Tupac’s Song ‘Dear Mama’ Or His Hulu Docuseries

Tupac Shakur’s biological father Billy Garland is revealing he initially hated his late son’s classic tribute “Dear Mama.”

Billy says he wasn’t a fan because Pac labeled him a “coward” and told the world he was dead when he’s clearly alive.

He’s also not a fan of Hulu’s record-breaking docuseries “Dear Mama: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur” as he claims director Allen Hughes tricked him into doing an interview for the project.


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The ex-Black Panther recently voiced a gang of gripes with 2pac tribute channel “The Art of Dialogue,” where he explained he’d been attempting to find Tupac for several years after being separated, and realized “someone” had lied to him about his existence.

Billy was able to get over the disses in ‘Mama,’ and now calls the song “beautiful” while also claiming he bumps his son’s music daily.

Allen Hughes isn’t getting the same pardon from Billy, who says he feels FX’s ‘Dear Mama’ blindsided him.

He says he didn’t know his testimony would be leveraged against the legacy of Afeni.

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