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Dame Dash Claims Jay Z Was Bitter About Him Dating Aaliyah



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Dame Dash Says Jay-Z “Felt A Way” About Him Bagging Aaliyah

Dame Dash Says Jay-Z “Felt A Way” About Him Bagging Aaliyah

Dame Dash is once again speaking about his relationship with Aaliyah and the fact that he and Jay-Z both tried to bag her.

“I just threw my A-game and I guess Jay was trying to get at her as well and I didn’t know,” he said on an episode of the That’s F-cked Up Podcast.

“Then it got brought up and I was like, ‘Fuck both of y’all.’ It never worked out for them and we were both trying to get at her. I eased up and then we ran into each other.

Dame continued, “Everybody was getting at Aaliyah, bro. She’ll go to dinner with a n-gga but she wasn’t just gonna be smashing. So that was like the big deal …who could get with Aaliyah.”

Dame later confirmed that Jay was “bitter” about not being able to woo Aaliyah.

“He was sending flowers and doing all that sh-t. He was courting her. So we were both going hard and we ended up in the same house Fourth of July. It was like one day it might lean toward him, then it would lean toward me,” said Dame.

“I was just on fire that week. Everything I was saying was funny. I remember coming down after it happened and he was like, ‘You know this gonna be hard for me.’ His friends were laughing at him and sh-t.”

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