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Ja Morant Says ‘They Gon Feel Me’ When He Comes Back To The NBA



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Ja Morant Assures He'll Have His Best Season When He Returns To The NBA After His Suspension

Ja Morant Assures He’ll Have His Best Season When He Returns To The NBA After His Suspension

Ja Morant made controversial headlines after the NBA suspended him for brandishing a handgun during an Instagram Live video for the second time in a little more than two months.

Well, Ja Morant is now assuring fans he’ll have his best season yet when he returns to the NBA.

“Watch what type of season Ja has next year with D rose connected to his hip all year long. Once he gets off suspension he will have his best season yet. That D rose presence going to have him on some MVP shit… Watch!” Isiah Thomas wrote.


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Morant caught up with it and replied saying: “You too loud OG . they gon feel me fasho.”

We previously reported that Ja Morant reportedly blamed “heavy drinking” for his bad decisions in Colorado during a meeting with Adam Silver, Joe Dumars, and Tamika Tremaglio.

“They heard him blame the poor decision making inside that Glendale, Colo., strip club on the heavy drinking, recalling how the events of that night were all so fuzzy because of the booze that was flowing so freely. They believed him when he shared a message that was both humble and contrite.”

Morant issued a statement taking full accountability for his actions. Morant again issued a statement after the latest suspension was announced, saying he will spend the “offseason and my suspension continuing to work on my own mental health and decision making.”

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