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Juice WRLD’s Ex Ally Lotti’s New Boyfriend Allegedly Now Wearing Juice’s Clothes



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Juice WRLD's Ex Ally Lotti's New Boyfriend Now Wearing Juice's Clothes - Report

Juice WRLD’s Ex Ally Lotti’s New Boyfriend Now Wearing Juice’s Clothes – Report

Last month, Juice WRLD‘s ex-girlfriend Ally Lotti made controversial headlines following reports that she’s selling the lage rapper’s priceless belongings.

Ally is alleged to be trying to capitalize off the late rapper’s death by selling some of his personal belongings online.

Just in time, fans are now going haywire after allegedly spotting Juice WRLD’s clothe on Ally Lotti’s new boyfriend. Side by side picture of the clothe is now going online, garnering mixed reactions from folks online.

“Y’all acting like bro can’t just buy the same clothes,” someone commented. “I’m not wearing no dead man’s clothes,” another person wrote.

In some previously surfaced screenshots of an Instagram DM exchange, Ally Lotti appears to be peddling some of the Chicago rapper’s possessions for a total of $30,000.

“Well I’m not trying to sell so I don’t have a price in mind,” she wrote in the messages. “I got you on like a package deal or something but like [I] said this stuff is pretty priceless to me and is only going to be worth more money in the future. I would like to be [walking] away with like 30k honestly you know. So what’s your budget? We can figure out what we can do.”

After confirming the legitimacy of the items with Lotti, Juice WRLD fan pages put up pieces that belonged to the late rapper for sale, with one listing marked at $40,000.