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Quavo Among Those On A Yacht During Armed Robbery In Miami



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Quavo Was Among Those Aboard A Yacht During Armed Robbery In Miami

Quavo Was Among Those Aboard A Yacht During Armed Robbery In Miami

Police are investigating reports of a possible armed robbery aboard a yacht along the Miami River.

7News cameras captured a heavy police presence and several City of Miami Police cruisers with their lights on parked in the area of Southwest North River Drive and Second Street, near The Wharf Miami, just after 10 p.m., Sunday.

The owner of the yacht said they chartered the vessel earlier in the day, and between 13 and 17 people were on board. The people who they chartered the yacht to paid for the service, but at some point, when it came time to bring the yacht back to its proper dock, they held up the captain of the boat at gunpoint and demanded their money back.


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The captain told police that one of the men who held him at gunpoint threatened to kill him and throw him off the boat. The suspect then removed the captain’s wallet and phone from his pocket before threatening another crew member.

According to a police report, rapper Quavo, whose real name is Quavious Marshall, was also on board the boat. Marshall is known for being in the group Migos. Thankfully, the boat’s owner said, no one was hurt, adding that another crew member had a cellphone and was able to secretly text for help.

Quavo was detained with a zip tie behind his back, but shortly after, he several people were seen leaving the area and driving away in several black SUVs with dark-tinted windows.

7News cameras captured the rapper leaving the establishment with a shirt covering his face. “This is not an every day, I hope, right,” said a witness. “Violence like this, it’s kind of scary. So, from where we come from, it’s not very often we have stuff like that.”

The police report also mentioned text messages that showed disagreements about the boat rental hours. Police also found two guns on board, but said they weren’t used in the incident. Police are still investigating the incident, but said they didn’t make an arrest due to conflicting statements from crew members

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