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Ralo Blasts Trans Rapper Lil Wop



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Ralo Blasts Lil Wop Over His Transition

Ralo Blasts Lil Wop Over His Transition

Last year, rapper Gucci Mane’s artist Lil Woo, a gangster rapper shocked the world of hip hop when he came out as “b**exual.” Well last month, we reported that Lil Wop has now transitioned into a female.

Ralo recently took to Twitter to call out Lil Wop for his transition from male to female.

“I know everyone got they lil flaws and desires, but idgaf what drug I do or get laced with my soul won’t ever allow me to do no sht like that. Women are too beautiful to be faked…,” he tweeted.

In May, the “Lost My Mind” rapper revealed to the world that he was transitioning from a man to a woman.

“In The Transition Into Becoming A Full Transgender,” he captioned a post at the time.

During an old interview with Say Cheese, Lil Wop, whose real name is Louis McPherson, talked about his sexuality. “Don’t get me wrong,” he started, “I ain’t out here sucking no d*ck or getting f*cked in the a** or no sh*t like that… but I’ll make a n*gga my b*tch.”

The Chicago native went on to explain that he has a certain type– transgenders and feminine men. “I’m masculine, so I’m a motherf*cking king… I like power,” he added.

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