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Trey Songz Demands Sexual Assault Lawsuit Be Tossed, Witness Reveals Accuser’s Lawyer Offered Her $200K To Lie



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Tory Lanez Wants Sexual Assault Lawsuit Be Tossed After Witness Reveals Accuser's Lawyer Allegedly Offered Her $200K To Lie

Trey Songz Wants Sexual Assault Lawsuit Be Tossed After Witness Reveals Accuser’s Lawyer Allegedly Offered Her $200K To Lie

Trey Songz is demanding a lawsuit that accused him of sexual assault be tossed after a witness has testified in court that she was offered $200k by his accuser’s lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, to lie in court.

There’s a lawsuit involving the exact same lawyer in a court case dealing with Chris Brown. The woman claimed Brown allegedly drugged and raped her after he ghosted her.

If you also remember, Jauhara Jeffries was initially suing Songz after she claimed he sexually assaulted her in a Miami nightclub. Jeffries says Songz met her at a gathering at Diddy’s house where Songz then invited her and friends out to a club where she says the singer digitally penetrated her without her permission.

Upon rushing out of the club and into the singer’s car, Songz reportedly kicked her out of his vehicle. Jeffries sued for $20 million in damages.

According to documents obtained by Radar Online, a woman by the name of Mariah Thielon who claimed to have been there with Jeffries the night of the incident had a different story to tell. According to Theilon, when Jeffries was in the car from the club on the way to Songz’s house, she was recording the singer on her cellphone. Songz allegedly asked her to stop.

After telling him no, his security reportedly escorted her out of the vehicle. Theilon says Jeffries even went as far as having Mitchell offer $100-$200k to witnesses to change their testimony to match up with Jeffries.

Theilon has reportedly testified in court that while out with Jeffries’ lawyer, Mitchell, for lunch she said she was going to “paint Trey as the next R. Kelly” as she allegedly wanted other women to join and run it to the blogs, even if it was a lie. After declining, Theilon contacted Songz’s team and spoke with his mother after the encounter. The investigation has been turned over to the Florida Bar for further investigation.

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