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Charleston White Pepper Sprayed His Opponent At The Face-Off



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Charleston White Pepper Sprayed His Opponent At The Face-Off

Charleston White Pepper Sprayed His Opponent At Face-Off For Celebrity Boxing Match

Controversial Youtuber Charleston White is set to share the boxing ring with famed influencer Suede at the Influencer Championship Boxing (ICB) event on August 26 in Arizona.

The two men will be going head-to-head for the ICB North American lightweight championship.

During their recent face-off, things got heated between the two men as they came face to face on stage. As White and Suede walked up for the staredown, ‘The Plug God’ unexpectedly shoved the YouTuber, causing him to almost fall off the stage.

White quickly found his footing and responded by pulling out a pepper spray bottle and spraying its contents right into Suede’s face. After getting hit with the lacrimator directly, Suede fell back and retreated far away from his opponent as the audience looked on in disbelief.

‘@Boxingego’ posted a video of the incident on Twitter and explained what went down in the caption. He wrote:

“Yooooooo so Charleston White got a celebrity boxing match poppin’ off tomorrow night. But get this, during the face-off today, his opponent had the nerve to push him! So Charleston straight up busted out the pepper spray and gave him a taste of his own medicine. He wilding.”

“Now Charles, you’re supposed to swing not spray,” a fan commented.