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Elliott Wilson Calls For Petition To End All Irv Gotti Interviews



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Elliott Wilson Calls For An End To Irv Gotti Interviews

Elliott Wilson Calls For An End To Irv Gotti Interviews

Hip-Hop journalist Elliott Wilson is calling for the media to stop interviewing Irv Gotti following the producer’s new Drink Champs interview.

“Who got the petition to end all Irv Gotti interviews? Sign me up!” he tweeted.

In the interview, Irv claimed he and Fat Joe hadn’t squashed their beef over his Ashanti remarks. Irv refers to Fat Joe as his brother, but in the past tense.

He said, “Fat Joe was my brother. I do not feel Fat Joe is my brother anymore. I guess it’s a cancer trait, because once you show me who you are, or you speak negatively about me, it’s over.”

He also said the success of Roc-A-Fella was down to Jay-Z and not Dame Dash.

“I don’t think Jay likes Dame,. Did I say something that people don’t know already?” he said.

Irv added: “Jay didn’t need nobody. [Dame Dash] started Roc-A-Fella with Jay and Biggs, so he should get credited. I’m saying the making of the records, I don’t know what you want me to say. Jay didn’t need nobody. Jay was picking the beats, Jay was rapping over the beats, Jay was making things. It was all Hov. Dame was along for the ride. It was a great ride.”

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