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FBG Duck’s Mom Gets Run Over By Baby Daddy On Live – Video



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FBG Duck's Mother Mama Duck Gets Run Over By Her Baby Daddy On Live

FBG Duck’s Mother Mama Duck Gets Run Over By Her Baby Daddy On Live

FBG Duck’s mother Mama Duck and her baby daddy have been trending on social media and it’s not for anything good.

The live stream which has now gone viral begins with Duck’s mom going back and forth in a heated exchange with her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, Mama Duck’s man runs over her leg with a car. This sudden act of violence is insane and Duck’s mom screams in pain.

In the video, Duck’s mom cries for help. Following the posting of the video on Reddit, it sparked an outpouring of concern from viewers who expressed shock and condemnation.

FBG Duck’s mother shocked fans of the late Hip Hop star when she started an OF in January.

In her defense, Mama Duck opened up about her staggering earnings. Lasheena appeared on the Say Cheese YouTube channel and delved into her earnings on the subscription site.

“I don’t wanna be tooting my horn but 35 in a week.” she said while dancing. “I wish I would’ve thought about this years ago.”

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