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Chrisean Rock Says Her Baby Is Healthy Amid Cri Du Chat Syndrome Claims



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Chrisean Rock Says Her Baby Is Healthy Amid Online Diagnosis

Chrisean Rock Says Her Baby Is Healthy Amid Online Diagnosis

Chrisean Rock responded to fans who claim her son Chrisean Jr. is suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Fans speculated that Chrisean drank and smoked throughout her pregnancy and that her son’s hernia is down to her drinking. Chrisean responded on Instagram Live.

“People are saying it sounds like cri-du-chat syndrome, but high pitched crying can also be caused by alcohol withdrawal in infants. My goal is only to raise awareness in hopes Chrisean will see it and get the baby tested,” a fan tweeted.

Chrisean’s rant was aimed at Blueface. “My baby is healthy. They would have told me if he had symptoms. He’s healthy bro. Just ’cause that picture wasn’t that cute doesn’t mean you can post my baby on the internet. That sh-t is wild.”

She continued, “Now my baby father is bitter. He doing bitter sh-t now because I liked some sh-t about my ex being the baby’s father. But I’m only doing sh-t because that hurt. F-ck you.”

“You posted my son’s d-ck. Yeah, so I’m trolling. You wanna join a troll with my ex just ’cause you embarrassed… it’s embarrassing. What’s the point in trolling with my ex, bruh? Then leave us alone for real. Stop calling for real.”

She added, “I know that’s you from no caller I.D. who keep calling.”


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