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Doja Cat Denies Dissing Any Female Rapper In New Song ‘Demon’



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Doja Cat Says She's Not Dissing Any Female Rapper In Her New Song 'Demon'

Doja Cat Says She’s Not Dissing Any Female Rapper In Her New Song ‘Demon’

Doja Cat is denying allegations that she disses other female rappers in the game.

“People don’t wanna accept I’m dissing them so they try to pin it on cardi nicki and meg and every other female rapper. I don’t diss rappers I diss critics. Stay bored. Stay reaching,” she wrote on Instagram Story.

“I don’t diss people i’m inspired by i don’t diss people i look up to,” Doja Cat continued. “i don’t diss people who don’t harass and attack me every day. Y’ALL DO. SHE doesn’t. THEY don’t. Y’all are the problem,” she added.

Doja Cat had a number one song with Nicki Minaj and there is no reported beef between her and any female rappers.

Last week, the rapper released new visuals from her new single Paint The Town Red, showing Doja’s slow embrace of satanic imagery.

Last month, Doja Cat says she doesn’t care after losing more than 300,000 followers due to her bizarre antics on social media.

“Seeing all these people unfollow me makes me feel like I’ve defeated a large beast that’s been holding me down for so long,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

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