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Remy Ma spotted On A Date With New Lover Eazy The Block Captain



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Remy Ma spotted On A Date With Alleged Lover Eazy The Block Captain

Remy Ma spotted On A Date With Alleged Lover Eazy The Block Captain

The Remy Ma and Papoose saga continues. Yesterday a fan captured a photo which showed Remy Ma and the 25 year old battle rapper whom she was accused of cheating on Papoose with, Eazy The Block Captain – on a lunch date.

The couple reportedly sat at a private booth in the restaurant, with Remy trying to conceal her identity by wearing dark glasses.

The pair ordered a ton of food, and seemed to happily eat the meal together. And one social media commentator, who claimed to have been at the restaurant, when the check came it was Remy Ma who paid the bill.

As we previously reported, Eazy The Block Captain was reportedly approached by Remy’s husband Papoose last year. Papoose is alleged to have beat up the 25 year old battle rapper.

And word on the streets is that Papoose accused Eazy of sleeping with his wife, before putting the paws on him.

During a recent viral rap battle, Gotti explained how Remy Ma is a “foul b**ch” for cheating on Papoose with Eazy The Block Captain. And he did this as Remy looked on, and remained silent.

Gotti rapped to Remy, “If you’re gonna cheat, at least cheat with a n***a who can fight. You know this ain’t right. Remy, you’re supporting a victim. We’ve had six [battle rap] events, and Papoose was at all of them, but he ain’t at this one.”

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