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Tia Kemp Drags Bossman Dlow & Leaks His Video



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Tia Kemp says Bossman Dlow Didn't Want To Use Her In His Video Because He Didn't Want To Get Blackballed By Rick Ross
Tia Kemp says Bossman Dlow Didn’t Want To Use Her In His Video Because He Didn’t Want To Get Blackballed By Rick Ross 

Rick Ross’s ex Tia Kemp has shut down claims made by Florida rapper Bossman Dlow that she was sliding into his DMs.

Tia Kemp hopped on Instagram Live to drag him online, claiming he tried to get her to appear in a music video but that he could not afford her rate and that he was also afraid of pushback from Rozay.

Tia went a step further by showing an explicit video allegedly starring the rapper which has received over a million views on X.

BossMan Dlow hails from Port Salerno, Florida, and began his music career in 2019. In 2020, she served six months in county jail and, after, began to regularly release music. Last year, his mixtape Too Slippery, went viral on TikTok.

Tia has been going viral every week, usually for dragging Rozay’s new girlfriend, Cristina Mackey’s cooking skills. Rozay allegedly sent her a cease and desist but she has not taken her foot off his neck.

Last month, Tia went on Instagram Live and claimed that while Gucci Mane was in prison, his wife Keisha K’oir was having secret rendezvous with Rick Ross.

Tia claimed that she witnessed with her own eyes, Tia going to Rick Ross’ studio, while driving Gucci Mane’s white Rolls Ryace. And Tia claims that Ross “told her” that the two hooked up.

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