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Amber Rose Claims Kanye West Forced Her To Wear More Sexy Clothes Than She Liked



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Amber Rose Claims Her Ex, Kanye West, Urged Her To Dress Seductively Despite Her "Conservative" Hesitations
Amber Rose Claims Her Ex, Kanye West, Urged Her To Dress Seductively Despite Her “Conservative” Hesitations

On the most recent episode of “Just B Bethenny Frankel,” Amber Rose explains that following her rocky relationship that started in 2008, Kanye West forced her to wear more sexy clothing than she liked. Recall that Rose previously said she deserves $20 million from Kanye West for “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album.

Rose spoke about how she felt like she became “this sexpot type of girl” all of a sudden in the media after her relationship with the “Heartless” rapper and goes on to explain that despite being “conservative” at her core, Ye urged her to dress provocative.

“That was my first relationship with a celebrity ever but also in the public eye,” Amber said. “And he knows a lot about fashion and he always wanted me to dress very sexy.” Although this put a negative image on her, the socialite explains that she was just young and went along with it.

“I would have producers saying, ‘We want to do this video for MTV and we want you at the pool, with a bikini on, martini in your hand.’ And I’m like, ‘Ugh, I’m so not her.’ Like I’m so not her and I get what I come off as but I am so not her.” “And they’re like, ‘Well I guess you don’t want to do it then.’”

Following Amber and the “Donda” rapper separation in 2010, Amber said she couldn’t shake her “sexy” image and felt “pigeonholed” into one category.

Fans are quite shock at her comments and have since been reacting to it. “Girl you were a stripper. I’m confused. How is that not you? At this point, people are picking at Kanye,” someone commented. “A conservative stripper. Amber please,” another person wrote.

“Conservative? Girl u used to spin like a propeller on poles,” someone else shared. “You literally made a thing called “the slut walk ” people say anything theses days,” a fourth person penned. “The math is not mathing on this,” another user added.