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Naomi Campbell Now Dating Saudi Billionaire Mohammed Al Turki



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Naomi Campbell Now Dating Saudi Billionaire Mohammed Al Turki
Naomi Campbell Now Dating A Handsome Saudi Billionaire Mohammed Al Turki

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, 53, reportedly has a new man in her life. According to reports reaching us at Dredds, Naomi is dating a wealthy Saudi-born film producer, Mohammed Al Turki.

Mohammad was born and raised in Khobar to an affluent family – part o the Saudi Royal Family. He shared his family’s love for travel and film – so much so that he would eventually move to London to study film at university.

Post graduating, following a brief stint working for an oil and gas company, he was randomly introduced to British writer-director Zeina Durra while on holiday. She was working on an independent film at the time, and asked Al Turki if he wanted to be involved.

He’s now one of the most prolific filmmakers in Saudi history – with his projects being backed by the wealth from his family and friends in Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed and Naomi have been dating now for the past three years. According to reports, the pair first appearing together at a public event in December 2021 at the Red Sea film festival.

Naomi and Mohammed immediately hit it off and over the last thru years. the pair attended a number of fashion week events as a duo, with Mohammed documenting their dates on Instagram.
Five days ago he shared behind-the-scenes snaps of departing Vogue mag editor Edward Enniful’s birthday party — with Naomi at his side, far right.

Now Namoi is spending half her time in the Middle East, at Mohannad’s family compound. One source explained, “Naomi is very selective with who she spends time with and she has become close to Mohammed.” “They bonded over their love of fashion and art and have a lot of mutual friends. Naomi has been in Dubai with him and she seems to be the happiest she has ever been. They spend a lot of time together and there appears to be a spark between them, even if it is just a friendship at this point.”

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