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‘The Floor’ Gameshow Contestants Can’t Name Any Black Famous People



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‘The Floor’ Gameshow Contestants Can’t Name Any Black Famous People

A clip from ‘The Floor’ game show is currently making rounds online. The video shows the moment White contestants couldn’t name any Black famous people. Surprisingly, the players skipped over Steve Harvey, Stephen Curry, and Harriet Tubman, which has got Black people online rattled.

“This a damn shame. We know them but they don’t know us,” someone commented. “White people don’t f*ck with black people like that. yall need to know more white people. at Work everytime i go to a fellow CEO house i always ask i’m i making black history by being the first black person in your house.. then answer is always yes,” another person wrote.

“These are the white people that complain about why do Black people need a Black History Month. I love how this show just exposed these neo liberals, closet racists and fake allies,” someone else added. Watch the video below:

The Floor is an American game show based on the Dutch game show of the same name. The series is hosted by Rob Lowe and premiered on January 2, 2024, on Fox.

The game is based around a floor grid of 81 squares, each of which is occupied by a contestant with expertise in a different trivia category. Pairs of contestants face each other in head-to-head trivia “duels,” with the winner taking over all territory controlled by the loser.

The game progresses over the course of a season with the grand prize awarded to the player who ultimately controls the entire floor, with secondary prizes awarded throughout the season to the player with the most territory at the end of each episode.

The show’s first season aired every week on Tuesday from January 2 – February 27, 2024, occupying Fox’s 9 EST/8 CST primetime slot (except for a special 2-hour season finale, which aired at 8 EST/7 CST). Jacquelyn Kenny, an Experiential Marketer from New York City, New York, defeated Design Manager Arthur in his inherited category of “Fashion Icons” to claim the series’ first $250,000 prize.

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