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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Reacts To His Baby Mama Ella Bands Cheating With Another Man



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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Speaks After His Baby Mama Ella Bands Was Seen With Another Man

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Speaks After His Baby Mama Ella Bands Was Seen With Another Man

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s ex girlfriend and baby mama, Ella Bands, was recently called out on social media for allegedly messing with her friend Marcy Diaz’s man. The rapper and Ella ‘Bands’ Rodriguez share daughter Melody Valentine together.

A Boogie caught up with the accusation and it appears he got in his feelings over it. The rapper has now reacted to it.

“IM REALLY DTB FOR LIFE LOL B*TCHES BE WORST THAN N*GGAS,” the “Streets Don’t Love You” hitmaker wrote on his Instagram story, insinuating he doesn’t trust women, “DTB” meaning don’t trust b*tches.

His post has since been drawing backlash from fans as he’s cheated on her multiple times in the past. “Nigga cheated 1000 times now he can’t breathe boogie plsssss,” someone commented.

“Niggas after cheating you during postpartum and catching you texting:,” another person wrote. “Ella finally got her lick back get in the studio gang,” someone else penned. “When she pulled a you on you. Nigga cheated a million times y she get her get back now it’s DTB for life,” another user added.

Some years back, A Boogie publicly apologized to Ella Bands in an emotional and honest message after he was caught cheating. “Smh It really takes losing what you have to love and appreciate what you had. I hate to be the type to regret things but I f***ed up like crazy with you and I regret every little mistake even tho it made me open my eyes and realize what really matters to me.”

He continued, “I love you no matter what and I will never disrespect you in any type of way ever again whether you accept me after all I’ve done or not. You are everything a man can ask for and gave me a beautiful family to love, prosper, and cherish.”

The rapper added, “I was never a outspoken person with anyone but you, my best friend. I can’t even imagine starting over smh. I want you more than ever rn but I truly understand if I’m not forgiven. You will always be my best friend and true love love at heart!”