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Chris Brown Claims He Slept With Saweetie In New Quavo Diss Track ‘Weakest Link’



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Chris Brown Claims He Smashed Saweetie In New Quavo Diss Track “Weakest Link”
Chris Brown Claims He Smashed Saweetie In New Quavo Diss Track ‘Weakest Link’

Chris Brown is back with a response diss track to Quavo titled “Weakest Link”, where he fired major shots at the Migos rapper.

On the diss track, Chris Brown claimed he smashed Quavo’s ex girlfriend Saweetie, while they were still dating.

“You fckd my ex ho that’s cool, ion give no fucks lil n****, Cause I fckd yo ex when you was still with her I’m up lil n**** They say revenge is sweet don’t let that line go over yo head,” Breezy raps on the new diss track.

The new diss track and as well the tea on Saweetie has since sent X, formerly Twitter into frenzy. “Everyone’s beefing while Saweetie is passing around meat flaps,” someone commented.

“She’s the REAL industry pass around omg,” another person wrote. “Damn He outrapped, most of the rappers in that recent beef..” someone else shared. 

Chris Brown’s diss track is coming a week after Quavo dropped “Tender”, a response diss to Brown’s initial diss track.

“Salazar stones, carats bugs (Salazar stones) / You did the bitch wrong and now the bitch gone, she posted with a thug (Yeah, with a thug) / Call the bitch phone, she won’t come home, don’t beat her up (Don’t beat her up) / It must be the drugs (It must be the drugs), need to cross out your plug, yeah-yeah,” Quavo raps on the song.