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Jaguar Wright Responds To Christopher Williams, Claims Mary J. Blige Was Sucking Diddy Too



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Jaguar Wright Responds To Christopher Williams Calling Her A Crackhead After She Claimed He Gave Diddy Head

Jaguar Wright Responds To Christopher Williams Calling Her A Crackhead, Claims Mary J. Blige Gave Diddy Head Too

Christopher Williams finally addressed Jaguar Wright’s allegations that he gave Diddy head for a demo deal, four years later. The R&B singer cleared his name during a recent performance, blasting both Jaguar Wright and Diddy.

“I done said no Diddy, that punk a** n*gga they’re talking about.. that I gave that punk a** n*gga some head,” he began.

Jaguar Wright is a crackhead. But I’m afraid for it anyway. I wish a n*gga would. I’m from the Bronx, I’ll smack puff’s ass the moment. Y’all better ask someone in real world who Christopher Williams is in real life. The singing sh*t is twisted at all,” Christopher added.

Jaguar caught up with the shade and has now responded. She shared an article from 2017 reporting on the singer being arrested for shoplifting. “Christopher Williams arrested for shoplifting headphones at Kohls,” she reads out the headline.

She the read out the whole story and how security wasn’t buying Christopher’s claims he forgot that he put the headphones in his bag. “Security wasn’t buying it, just like ain’t nobody buying that you ain’t give no Diddy head,” she said.

“Stealing out of Kohls is the stupidest thing you could do. Everybody gets caught. Kohls got the best motherf*cking in store security people. Put a one in the chat, if that sounds like crackhead behavior.”

She continued, “Stealing f*cking JBLs and hijacking goddamn deposits for show you know you ain’t going to do. But I’m a crackhead.” She then made accusations against R&B superstar Mary J. Blige.

“Mary J. Blige, guess what? She was sucking Diddy’s d*ck too allegedly.. And I been sitting here being lean on you. That’s okay, I’m about to take another walk down your memory lane…” Jaguar said before making other claims about Christopher Williams.