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Soulja Boy Says He Made Nearly $28,000 In One Day On TikTok Live



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Soulja Boy Says He Made Nearly $28,000 In One Day On TikTok Live
Soulja Boy Says He Made Nearly $28,000 In One Day On TikTok Live

Soulja Boy made headlines last month after he revealed he made $17K on TikTok live in one day. “Goodbye Instagram. It was fun while it lasted. Fuck it,” the rapper said at the time. Well, he’s back with an update as his earnings has now almost doubled.

Taking back to live, Soulja Boy revealed he made $27,925 nearly $28,000 on TikTok in one day. And he also made some clarifications on his words that were previously twisted.

“I made $27,000 a day,” he said on live while trying to adjust his camera for viewers to see his earnings dashboard. “I made $27,000 just today.. you feel me bro. People always take what I say the wrong way. They tried to make it say I said that they was banning TikTok because I made so much money.


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“No, I said they banning TikTok just because everybody making money, not just me, you feel what I’m saying? They trying to hold us back bro.  You feel me? There’s plenty ways to get a bag bro. They trying to stop all my young n*ggas out there chasing the bag bro. That’s what I’m saying.”

“It’s only 10 am right.. that’s crazy. I woke up like 6 am, went live for a couple hours bro. I’m a f*cking legend bro,” he added.

Soulja Boy real name DeAndre Cortez Way, rose to prominence after his self-released 2007 debut single, “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” peaked the Billboard Hot 100 for seven non-consecutive weeks.

After its commercial re-release by Collipark Music, an imprint of Interscope Records, the song and its follow-up, “Soulja Girl” led to the release of his debut studio album, (2007). Despite unfavorable critical reception, it peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 and spawned the single “Yahhh!.”

Way has become notable for his pioneering use of grassroots social media and digital marketing strategies during his mainstream popularity. Outside of recording, he has pursued largely ill-fated side ventures including video game development, record production for other artists, and his record label Stacks on Deck Entertainment, through which he has signed rappers including Lil B and Riff Raff.