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Asian Doll Accuses JT Of Stealing Her Style, JT Responds



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Asian Doll Accuses JT Of Stealing Her Style: “That Doll Sh*t Been Me”
JT Replies To Asian Doll’s Claims She Stole Her Style

It appears Asian Doll and JT’s rivalry won’t be ending anytime soon. The former is now accusing the latter of stealing her style in a lengthy rant on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“JT got my whole style idgaf what nobody say…. That doll sh*t been me hoes ain’t never been on that type of sh*t,” Asian Doll wrote in a now deleted tweet.

She also shared a video of JT taking a tumble on stage. “This b*tch want my style so fuck*ng bad I might have to get back on my real DOLL SH*T cause the same h*es talked bout my boots is the same h*es falling on stage in big boots,” Asian Doll captioned it.

The rapper and reality star then shared a side by side comparison of her look and JT’s. “The industry is the only place where h*es will literally hate your style & a couple years later pop out with that same look,” she added.

Fans are now reacting to the comparison and many do not seem to agree with Asian Doll. “Girl, JT goes in UZI’s closet & grabs from there. he’s on the mood board, not u,” someone commented. “This is a clear indication that @thegirljt is about to blow tf up & is doing something right! Wu keep doing your shiii jit!” another person wrote.

“It’s the year of JT I guess!!! Cause they coming out the woodworks & Rooting for you JT,” someone else penned. “Girl JT got on Rick Owens you use to wear Dollskill boots,” another user joked. “Oh girl here she go…. It’s repetitive she always have to keep someone else name in her mouth to stay relevant,” someone added.

Asian Doll has been throwing jabs at JT lately, she started with siding with GloRilla during her feud with the City Girls rapper. Asian Doll also recently claimed that she looks better than JT and Stunna Girl while exchanging words with Stunna on Twitter.

Reacting to the claims that she stole her style, JT simply wrote; “How many people in the world?”