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Chris Brown Is Dating Rita Ora And It’s Official – Watch Clip



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Chris Brown Is Dating Rita Ora And It’s Official

Chris Brown and Rita Ora have been teasing a relationship for a few weeks now – now its official, the two are dating. MTO News has confirmed that Chris and Rita are a COUPLE now.
The pair were spotted partying all night together in Milan yesterday. And their night was captured on video by multiple people.

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The two started off by attending a few fashion shows – as it’s currently Fashion Week in Milan. Then the couple moved on to the club, where they danced and drank together.

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Finally the pair left and went back to Chris Brown’s hotel, where the pair spent the night together.
Here’s a video of the entire night:

The two first started publicly flirting, when Chris Brown slid into Rita’s Instagram comments

Rita posted a pic in August, showing her posed in the middle of a swimming pool wearing a two-piece black bikini with the bra giving her some serious underboob. Rita captioned the image: ‘Run the roads. #restinbitchface.’ 
Mimicking her London slang, Chris replied: ‘ROADMAN TING!!!’ before adding in a separate comment: ‘PENGGAL.’
In case you wondering, ‘peng’ is slang for hot or good looking.
“I love him [Chris] on different levels. I see how he treats his people and he’s a good person with a good heart and a lovely family,” Rita told The Sun newspaper back in 2015.

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