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Jojo Simmons Livestreams His Fiance B*tt Surgery.. Shares It Online – Watch



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Jojo Simmons Livestreams His Fiance B*tt Surgery

Dreddsworld : Rev Run’s son JoJo Simmons live-streamed his wife getting liposuction and butt augmentation surgery. JoJo and his fiancé Tanice decided to publicize Tanice’s recent butt augmentation surgery.

According to Tanice, she always wanted to have an Insta-thot body, but she never quite had the means to make it happen. 

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Well that all changed, now that she’s with JoJo – son of Rev Run Simmons and nephew to RussellSimmons.

The couple went to a prominent surgeon – and live-streamed the surgery to their fans. They also showed the before and after pics. And we have to say, so far we’re pretty impressed with the results. See also : S3x Doll Brothel Shuts Down 2 Weeks After Opening In Italy – Pics
Here are the pics of her before and after:


Here is the link to the video :
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