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“Go Back To The Pole” Matt Barnes Blasts Blac Chyna Amid Child Support Drama



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Matt Barnes Lash Out Blac Chyna Amid Child Support Drama 

Rob Kardashian is taking Blac Chyna to court over unfair child support payments. Not only is he aiming to get his payments reduced, he wants to flip the payments entirely so that she is paying him. The reason? They have 50/50 custody and according to Kardashian she makes more money. 

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Matt Barnes commented on The Shade Room’s post about Kardashian trying to get child support with a simple “✊.” Blac Chyna couldn’t let that one go unanswered so she replied too: “I don’t know know bruh mind your own business loser.” A little later, Barnes came back with: “Back to the pole you goooooo🙏.” 

After all this, Barnes posted to his own Instagram story trying to defuse the tension

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