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Porsha Of Atlanta Housewife Reportedly Conceived While On Dating Show



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Porsha Conceived While On A Dating Show 

Dreddsworld learned that Atlanta Housewives Porsha Williams conceived her pregnancy in May – the same month that she was on Andy Cohen’s Love Connection dating show. Porsha had already met her fiancé Dennis McKinley by May.

The show, Love Connection, aired in mid June. But Dreddsworld confirmed that the show was filmed – and Porsha’s dates with the men, took place in May – Porsha’s month of conception.

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Porsha and her fiancé Dennis appear to be certain about he paternity of Porsha’s baby. But  members of the Housewives production team, we’re told, are working on a “paternity drama” storyline surrounding Porsha’s new baby to exploit the paternity date “drama.”

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