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Tamar Braxton Releases S3xy Music Video – See Pictures + Video



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Tamar Braxton New Music Video 

Tamar Braxton is a single lady, and she’s letting her fans know it in her new music video. Vince’s ex released her sexiest music video ever – and it’s called Love It.

In the video, Tamar wears some very sexy lingerie – and she grinds all over a male model.

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The video is getting great reviews on Youtube already – and it was just released last night. Here’s what some of Tamar’s fans are saying:
Oh snap. Someone been turning tay tay OUT
Tamar looks good & you can tell her body is natural, no silicone.
 You can tell this Is what Tamar has been wanting to do. Since she is away from Vince she is showing a little more skin and is free
See some of the screenshots :




Watch the video below :

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