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I Like To Have Fun – Millionaire ‘King Of Instagram Boasts About Having 9 Girls In Bed



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King Of Instagram Boasts About Having 9 Girls

The playboy – who often shares snaps on social media of him surrounded by scantily clad women – has revealed what really goes on at his notorious benders.
Threatening to steal Dan Bilzerian’s ‘King of Instagram’ crown, Tony is serves up some major competition to Bilzerian’s unofficial throne with his snaps of stunning women, private jets and fancy sports cars.

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Tony, who uses the @lunatic_living handle, has amassed nearly two million followers on Instagram and is proud of his flashy lifestyle.
He told Daily Star Online: “I’ve had crazy, crazy nights. “I’ve had nine girls in my bed, I’ve had five girls, four girls, two girls, three girls… it all depends.”


Tony claimed he has “never in [his] entire life ever paid a woman” for her company.
And he admits he has a soft spot for women who are interested in other women.

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