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Ray J’s Wife Spills Tea On Him “It Doesn’t Get Up Anymore” – Watch The Clip



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Ray J’s Wife Spills Tea On Him

The couple is already looking forward to expanding their family. During an interview with BET’s Raq Rants, Love expressed her desire to have another baby and complained about the couple’s setbacks.

 According to the young mother, her man’s failing libido is to blame for the holdup. View the hilarious clip below.

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The first issue she mentions concerns the frequency of the love-making. When asked whether baby #2 is on the way, Princess Love offers a response that surprised Ray J: “I hope so,” she said. “But you have to have sex, too. So, it has to go hand-in-hand… We’ve done it like three times.” This was only the beginning of her complaint.

Ray was quick to object. “I’m always ready,” Ray J responded. “I’ve never been limp.” His wife was even swifter in her jaw-dropping rebuttal, shutting his claims down with a slight smile on her face.  “You’ve been limp, lately. It doesn’t even get up anymore.” 

Watch the video below :

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