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Cardi B Puts Camera To Her Butt And Farts On Live – Video



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Cardi B Farts While Her Fans Watch Live 

Cardi B farted in her fans faces on Live yesterday. The pop/rap superstar decided to show her fans just how “real” she was yesterday, and she pooted for them.

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Cardi B was in the middle of talking with her fans on Live – when she did the deed. She started off discussing with her fans how she was eating lobster, and that it made her gassy.


Then, out of nowhere she told her fane “I gotta fart.” Cardi B then pointed the phone’s camera towards her butt, and you heard her poot.
And in case her fans missed it, she farted twice on camera.
Watch the video below :

Then afterwards, Cardi bragged about passing gas to her fans.

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She told the audience, “I farted, so what. Who’s gonna say something about it.”

Her fans were shocked by Cardi’s behavior.

 Some thought what the Bronx rapper did was funny, but others were offended by it.

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