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Cardi B Used S*x As Bait To Drug And Rob Men In The Past – Video



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Cardi B’s Old Video Dug Up And She Admits To It

A group of men on Twitter dug up an old video of female rap star Cardi B. In the video, Cardi appears to admit drugging and robbing men in the past.

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The much younger Cardi B claims that she pretended to be a prostitute, and took men back to a hotel room, where she allegedly drugged the men and robbed them.
Here’s the video that’s going viral:

Here’s the transcript of what Cardi allegedly did to men:
oh yeah you wanna f*ck me? yeah yeah let’s go to this hotel. and i drug n!ggas up and i rob them. that’s what i used to do.
nothing was m*thafckin handed to me my n*gga, nothing! Nothing.
So for a b!tch to say I don’t deserve sh!t I know they are f*ckin buggin cuz they do not f*cking know the sh*t that I had to do so take me out because nobody wanted to f*ck with me.

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There’s now an online petition asking police to investigate Cardi B. Its not clear whether the statute of limitations ran on these alleged crimes that she appears to have admitted to.


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