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Janet Jackson Discloses That Stevie Wonder Is Her Cousin



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Janet Jackson And Stevie Wonder Are Blood 

Incredible singer/performer Janet Jackson and music symbol Stevie Wonder are blood cousins. Janet made the disclosure this end of the week, amid a interview with a BBC correspondent. 

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Amid a interview on BBC Radio, Janet Jackson broadly expounded on her family, and broadened relatives. Furthermore, that is when Janet gotten the host off guard, uncovered that she and the notorious performer were blood related. 
Janet told th interviewer :
“People don’t know this one. Stevie [Wonder] is actually our cousin- on my mother’s side. We don’t talk about this…[but] yeah he is.”
At the point when the radio host communicated his skepticism, inquiring as to whether any other individual realized that Stevie was their cuz,’ Janet had this to state :
“I’m the only one in the family that started talking about it just maybe, a couple years ago. He is really my cousin.”

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Peep the interview below :