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Blueface Says He’d End Beef With His Mother & Sister



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Blueface Squashes Beef With His Mom And Sister 

Rapper Blueface was all over the news when video of him throwing his mother and sister out of his house for his girlfriend hit the internet. The rapper was criticized for choosing his bae over his mom and sister.
The Florida rapper called his mom and sister ‘clout chasers’ for sharing the clip online and went further to drop a diss track for his mom and sister.

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The self acclaimed best lyricist also made time to shower love and affection for his two girlfriends by getting them matching tattoos of Benjamin Franklin
During an interview session with The Breakfast Club, Blueface made it known that he’d squashed beef between his mother, sister and himself.
“Expectations get higher when people tend to think you [have money],” he said.
He told the morning show hosts that his mother lives in Ohio and was at his house visiting his sister.
“I introduced them to the new girls… they not sure how to feel about the two girlfriends… [The argument] had nothing really to do with that—that’s just what the media made it out to be. The media do strange things. The [Instagram] live is what really blew it off the top.” Before stating that he had “pretty much” patched things up with both mother and sister.
 “I’m not mad at them at all.”
Peep the interview below :

The footage went viral after Blueface was seen pushing his sister down the stairs.

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But the rapper later released the surveillance footage which showed that his sister actually had a knife in her hand at the time.


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