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Bow Wow Body Shames Wendy Williams In Response To Her Shade



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Rapper Bow Wow Mocks Wendy Williams Summer Body 

While most people had forgotten about Bow Wow and Ciara’s relationship. The rapper brought it up during his performance at Atlanta’s nightclub Eleven 45.

He recalled he dated her first in a degrading manner. 

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Bow Wow was performing ‘Like You’ ft Ciara ‘song they recorded when they were still dating as teens’ and he said to the crowd mid performance “I had that b* tch first.. You know that right?”

He’s been facing backlash for calling Ciara a b*tch and Wendy Williams also shaded Bow Wow on her show. “Here’s the thing,” Williams began. “It’s very distasteful, you know what I’m saying? We’ve all had somebody before we had you, man, but to be shirtless in a club, calling her a bitch, you are so wrong for that.”
She then pulled up a photo of Bow and the Beauty Marks singer together and pointed out something that has been ignored over the years. “That was 15 years ago, but here’s what my shady team noticed and I was like, yup, good job team. Zoom in everybody, Bow Wow is standing on his tippy, tippy, tippy toes.”

Bow Wow took time to respond to her critique, he shared a bikini photo of Wendy Williams in a vivid attempt to body shame her.

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He captioned the photo “They say its a hot girl summer 😂⚠️ 😷 🤢”

Neither Ciara nor her husband Russell Wilson have respond to the shade. Wendy Williams also said the couple do not need to react to it.