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Swedish Prosecutor Wants To Detain A$ap Rocky For Another Week



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A$ap Rocky Might Be Detained For Another Week 

A$ap Rocky got himself into trouble while in Sweden which has cost him his freedom. He and his team violently attacked a man on the street and he’s been detained ever since.

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While the A$ap Mob team launched the #FreeRocky #JusticeForRocky petition which had tonnes of artists showing support for the movement.


Kim Kardashian confirmed convincing President Trump on helping bring Rocky back home and she recently thanked Donald Trump and others on twitter for their efforts.
A$ap Rocky who was held in solitary confinement has been appealed for, to be kept in a better place.

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A Swedish prosecutor has requested to detain A$ap Rocky another week in pre-trial detention to allow police to finish investigating a fight which took place in Stockholm last month.


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