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My 600 LB Life Star Teretha Is Reportedly Rushed To Hospital



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Teretha Hollis Neely Reportedly Rushed To Hospital 

Teretha Hollis-Neely, star of the WEtv show My 600-lb Life, was rushed to the hospital – and admitted for what is being called a “mystery ailment.”
Teretha’s hospitalization is just the latest hurdle that Teretha is going to have to overcome. Viewers first met her in 2016, when Teretha first joined My 600-lb Life. 

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At the time, she had been bed-bound for two full years and weighed more than 800 pounds. She was My 600-lb Life‘s heaviest cast member at the time.
Initially the show worked and Teretha lost nearly half her body mass. She got down to 461 pounds, but that weight loss was short lived.
By 2017, she was bed ridden again, and was over 600 pounds. WEtv did a Where Are They Now? episode which revealed her setbacks according to MTO.
Teretha confirmed last month, that WEtv is working on a second “Where are They Now?” show with her. In an Instagram post on July 18th, Teretha wrote, “1ST DAY OF 🎥 IS DONE!” The post’s comments were filled with fans wishing her good luck and saying that they were excited to watch the new episode when it airs.


But the filming of her show had to be cut short, because of a medical emergency. Teretha spoke about being rushed to the hospital – for a mystery ailment. 

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Teretha told fans, “I should be on my flight to Houston today but nooooo my ass is sick in the damn hospital!!!” She added, “Ok God PLEASE stop by here your child is in soooooo much pain!!😰😰😭😭”.
Our prayers are with her… Godspeed Teretha!


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